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We work with small to medium-sized businesses and government departments to provide affordable and high quality writing services for when you don’t have the staff or the time to do it yourself.

And, we write it under your name and brand! Ssssh! So, your clients believe you wrote the fabulous ebook, business book or article..–and give you kudos for it. Your success is our success!

Words to Sales is your affordable, outsourced writing and Marketing Centre.

NO overheads! NO staffing costs! NO overtime! NO problems!

Perhaps you need to write a proposal for some new business project, but don’t have time? Or, you need a sales letter for an upcoming promotion…or an invitation to a sales seminar…or a newsletter…but, you don’t have the time or the person to manage it?.

Your problems are solved. With more than 20 years of teaching marketing to SMEs and consulting with small business owners, we have the expertise to take on all of your business writing needs. And, we understand that small businesses have small budgets.

We’ll write fresh, original content to meet your organisation’s needs and can meet your challenging deadlines.

Here are a few examples

1. Business Articles for your Blog

Click on the image to read this article which was written for an American client in the Events Management business. Similarly, we can write articles to highlight your business and your expertise in your industry.

Networking Article for an Events Management Company

2. Branded Business Books and eBooksCap Guerrilla Marketing for Property developers

A business book or ebook promotes your business and builds your credibility as the Subject Matter Expert in your field.

Speaking at a conference? Business books are ideal for participants at conferences or seminars as giveaways. They keep your organisation’s name in front of the client and are often passed on to friends so they keep on ‘selling’ your business.

Use ebooks as quality sign-up tools on your website. They increase click rate, raise your rating on google and build a loyal following. Guerrilla Marketing is all about being inexpensive, creative and successful.


3. Copywriting for your Website
Capture USPSA BrochurePress Advertisements, Brochures, Ads 

Your website can make or break your business. It needs to look professional and it needs to connect with your visitors.

If the copy is effective, your visitors will become your clients – if it’s not, your visitors will simply click onto your opposition’s website.

Don’t take the risk of writing your website yourself – you’re too close to realise the impact on your prospective purchasers – you need a professional who can see both sides of the situation and write persuasive material to help both parties.


4. Blog Articles

25 Oct.gtgj on Words to Sales Account

Training for your team – Customer service training – How to make your business ‘EXCEPTIONAL’. We have worked with a huge variety of organisations – from private businesses to large government departments. Our main goals were to help these SMEs understand the customer service and marketing needs of their individual businesses.



5. Training Materials for staff development

Capture CSM for Managers

Staff are key to the success of your business. Train your staff to understand and meet your customers’ needs and you’ll see your business become a magnet for prosperity.

Don’t forget about your casual staff who are usually representing your business during the busiest periods of time. They need training as much as your regular staff.

Train your Managers in how to develop a Customer Service Culture in your business and watch the magic unfold.

Happy staff! Happy Customers! Happy Bottom Line!


What can we develop for you – the sky is the limit. We’d love to hear what you need….





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